Puriyaatha Puthir Movie Review

Puriyaatha Puthir Movie Review

One thing that you need to take into casual consideration before watching Puriyaatha Puthir. Don’t compare it with the recent releases of Vijay Sethupathi. This movie was shot nearly before 2-3 years and remained inside cans for a long time. Ranjith Jayakodi, a former associate of Ram has directed this film. J Satish Kumar of JSK Films Corporation has produced this film. Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri in lead roles with Arjun and Ramesh Thilak in important roles.

Vijay Sethupathi plays a music instruments shop owner and Gayathri is a music teacher. Both of them get acquainted on their regular meets and they fall in love. When everything seems to be going peaceful and happy, unexpected tantrum is thrown into the life of Vijay Sethupathi. His close friend commits suicide after his personal affair video gets leaked over online. Things get worsened, when an explicit video of Gayathri from a textile trial room reaches Vijay Sethupathi’s mobile. Wedged between the speculative situations, Vijay Sethupathi has to confront his intuitions and instincts to find who the culprit is.

Soon after going through the film’s synopsis or hearing it from someone who has already seen the movie, we might get an idea that it’s an edge-seated thriller. Of course, Ranjith Jayakodi has tried to project the film in such a style, but somewhere seems to have slipped out with confusion. Nearly 30 minutes from the beginning goes slow paced and actual conflicts opens up aftermath. Just when the things are going through the right way, the introduction of Ramesh Thilak looks so much blatant that he is here to diver our attention.

Hollywood remake by 2002?

More than anything, towards the end as the film is about to complete, we get a blunt reminding of a famous Tamil movie, which indeed was a Hollywood remake by 2002. Don’t expect us to reveal the movie title and entire thing would be a spoiler.

Vijay Sethupathi as usual does his job well and there is nothing to blame upon him. With Gayathri getting more scope to perform, she could have done a better job. Others in the cast have tried to do what is required.

The background score by Sam is really spellbinding, but the songs nowhere remain close to the film.

if Ranjith Jayakodi had tried sharpening the script with more thrills, twists and turns, Puriyaatha Puthir would have been really an edge-seated thriller. Although, it comes with a strong message at this juncture where Blue Whale evils are dominating, the film doesn’t come packaged with engaging package.


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Verdict: An average thriller mixed with flaws, sluggish moments and few plus points.