Tamil cinema’s love affair with Madurai centric movies started with Sasi kumar’s Subramaniapuram. He then followed it for movies like nadodigal, Porali & Sundarapandian all of which were well received by the audience. Now he is again back with his new venture Kuttipuli and let’s see how he has fared this time.

Kuttipuli is about a fierce young man who believes in the saying “violence is the only medicine to injustice”. He fears none and respects none except his mother. He bashes up almost everyone in and around the village of sriveliputhur thus making a hefty number of enemies. How these enemies come back to haunt him and how he handles this forms the rest of the story.
Muthiah the director has taken an age old story probably dating back to the MGR period and dusted it before throwing it at the audience. The story is poorly written and the screenplay is nothing better. There is zero continuity among the scenes which clearly shows how amateur director he his. The only respite for him will be the fact that this is his debut and he has a long mile to travel. This will be a forgettable debut for him certainly.

Sasi Kumar the man who is known for his rough and tough roles gets another similar role and does it with ease. Though the character is sketched poorly, Sasi Kumar does try to bring life to it. Sadly this doesn’t happen because of the 1950’s dialogues he utters. After this movie the audience will definitely start questioning Sasikumar’s versatility. Lashmi menon’s role looks like the one from the black and white days. She walks around the village with a book in hand and few colourful dresses. She has absolutely nothing to do and an actress of her potential is literally wasted here. Saranya ponvanan does a decent job though this is again one of the crybaby mother roles she often does.

Technically the movie has nothing to offer. The camera by Mahesh is ordinary and not worth mentioning. The editing dept headed by Gopi looks lost. Clearly the director and the editor have not been in any form of sync during the filming process. The biggest let down here would be the music by Gibran. After giving us a winner in Vaagai Sooda Va, he comes up with a below par album here and the BGM is too loud and annoying.
Kuttipuli will definitely test your patience. The sentiment sequence will make you yawn, the comedy sequence will make you frown. The romance too is outdated with the over usage of ilayaraja’s songs when the hero meets the heroine.

To sum it up, it is a run of a mill mother sentiment stereotype, that has too much of bloodshed for no apparent reason. This is one movie even Sasi Kumar will want to forget.

Kutti Puli – Old wine just kept old.
Rating: 1.5/5