Cast: Vijay, Amala Paul, Sathyaraj, Abhimanyu Singh, Rajiv Pillai, Ragini Nandwani & others
Direction: A. L. Vijay
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing:  Anthony
Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Distribution: Vendhar Movies

thalaivaa-movie-reviewControversy: Thalaivaa is an action thriller which released worldwide on 9th of August 2013 except Tamil Nadu due to unknown reason. However, we were given 3 reasons and they are:  01. Chennai city received bomb threats 02.  The film has failed to receive tax exemption from the state revenue department till now & 03. The film was dragged to court with the real life son stating the film is portraying the lives of both his late father and grandfather. Beyond these issues, the film was released overseas and other locations apart from TN.

Story: (we will not reveal everything as it is still unreleased in TN)
The story of Thalaivaa begins with the introduction of Anna (Sathyaraj) and also what happens in his life whilst being a leader. The film then moves to Australia where Anna’s son Vishwa (Vijay) is residing with Logu (Santhanam) and few of his dance crew members. Vishwa’s profession for living is supplying water and his passion is dance. Vishwa suddenly sees Meera (Amala Paul) and after few meetings, Vishwa falls in love with Meera.  The love forms and Vishwa takes Meera and her father to India for discussion with his father regarding his marriage. Vishwa lands, shocked and stands in confusion after seeing number of gang members receiving him at the airport and body-guarding his journey safely to see his father’s destination. Why Anna hiding? What is the reason behind it? These questions get answered before the interval, but before the interval comes the biggest twist, I will call it one of the best twists in recent time! This is what first half is about and a big thanks to Santhanam for making the 1st half entertaining!

The 2nd half is based on the interval twist and you will see a different shade of Vijay.

-What does Bhima (Abhimanyu Singh) do to payback for losing his father who got killed by Anna?
-What happens to Bhima?
-What happens to Anna?
-Does the marriage happen?
-Does Vijay take revenge?
-Does Vijay take over his father as leader?

The above points form the entire 2nd half. As the film is not released in TN, we will not provide full review and be a spoiler. Once it releases, find out!

Overall, Thalaivaa is an entertainer with ingredients of Love, Dance, Comedy and Action but lacks in script and screenplay department!

-Performance from Vijay, Santhanam and others

-Weak story
-Slow screenplay

Rating: 3/5