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Thupparivaalan Movie Review

Filmmaker Mysskin has already proved an impeccable status with suspense-mystery and thrillers like Yuddham Sei and Anjathey. This time, he gets completely into the world of Sherlock Holmes with Vishal as the protagonist in Thupparivaalan.


When the protagonist (Vishal), a detective is breaking his nerves and squeezing his brains over solving a mysterious case picks up an unusual ridiculous offer. A small boy pleading him to find the murderer who killed his pet dog. Things take a series of twists and turns leading to unimaginable world of murderers.

How different is the story from routine patterns?  

One must gladly accept the fact, Tamil cinema has not often seen suspense-based mystery thrillers. There have been few films like Kuttram 23, but very rarely done. This involves a herculean task to write such suspense stories and narrate them with brains. Mysskin definitely deserves special mention for this. The very opening sequence of this film might let us wonder what’s this gonna do with a detective. Is it detective Vs paranormal activity? Oh yes! But it takes us through some unexpected surprisal.

How engaging is the film? 

There are few shifts between fast and slow phases. Maybe, this could be a problem with rural or single screen audiences. But for a multiplex or those bunch of audiences, who really crave for such mysteries, it would be a real big cherry pick. So the receptions might vary between the lines of ‘Above Average’ and ‘Excellent’.  The prologue where the Simran portion becomes the prime mystery and how it links to an incredulous back story is really awesome. Mysskin seems to have included the portions of Anu Emmanuel to refresh audiences from the tensed ambience of mystery drama. Over here, we might slightly get itched with usual Mysskin heroes on how they yell at ladies. The climax portions are done with excellent panache.

How technically strong is the film?

Mysskin films come packaged with certain things that can be never denied. The unconventional camera angles with slow rolling, the emotionally bounded stringed instruments over the BGM. Yes, Thupparivalan is no exception as it has plethora of such instances. But they have been neatly done, though sometimes we feel the music is slightly dominating. Thank God!  Thrillers without songs are a real bliss in Tamil cinema and yes, this film is one such example.

How well the actors have performed?

Vishal has completely shed his usual style of performance and breathes into the character that he plays. Anu Emmanuel, K Bhagyaraj, Andrea, John Vijay and others have hardly anything to perform. Vinay Rai gets a neat show to perform by the end. In fact, both Vishal and Vinay have done a fabulous job with stunts. Simran appears in just couple of scenes, but her role is so much vital to the entire plot.

As on whole, Thupparivalan is a much different and exceptionally crafted tale of mystery and suspense that deserves a watch. Maybe, the extremity in gory blood and violence might be a hindering thing for family audiences, but incisively a perfect treat for the love of this genre.