VIP 2 Movie Review

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VIP 2 Movie Review

How a characterization does get crafted in Tamil cinema? Sometimes, it’s too raw, rustic and realistic that it would be so much off a replica for real life persona. But during most of the times, the mass culture in Tamil cinema does have some modifications, where we do have those larger than life roles to savour audiences. Raghuvaran (Dhanush) was one such man, who just unleashed the hidden anger of many unemployed engineers that they screamed, howled with celebrations. It was all like a self-aggrandizing motif or manifestation of a virtual reality. Thanks to Anirudh for pumping up the electrification with the multiple brasses and trumpets to offer signature music.  You often notice the crowds turning crazy every time Wunderbar Films appears on the big screens for Dhanush’s production.

So what’s Raghuvaran doing in this second instalment? He is adorable among the aspirers, still ambitious and humble with a sudden transition into wild man to flex his muscles.  But now he has lost a little bit of vigour for he is a married man. His wife yells at him for more reasons (theatres erupt in fun and laughter for it might be a reality ground). He boozes and smokes (it might be judged well if critically analyzed as Surabhi (now Ritu Varma) thanks Raghuvaran and her father for the organ transplantation that saved her life. Remember! she had cited the same reasons of smoking-drinking that ruined her and his deceased mother helped her relive our life. But even by the end of VIP first part, we see him smoking off with the shirtless sick packs. Well, he continues to do it here as well (Maybe, the logical thinkers would hit it straight – Raghuvaran isn’t affected with any ailments and he is an exception of his mother’s deeds to another person).

Moving out of the in-depth analysis, lots of emphasize has been laid upon the family life of Raghuvaran for the entire first half. We do see the conversations between Raghuvaran and his wife, father (Samuthirakani) and brother (Hrishikesh) that are mostly humorous. Yes, it’s a huge relief indeed to see enjoyable comedy tracks from Dhanush after a long time. This would definitely click with the family audiences, but then the main core of VIP franchise, where the protagonist has to break the hardest hurdles go missing here. The confrontations between Dhanush and Kajol are too simple. A particular incident, where Dhanush smashes down the herculean like Gym boys on the site and then they reveal him the reason that the construction cannot happen looks illogical. What if they had told the reason prior and the entire fight out could have been avoided. The final combat planned up in rain effect faintly reminiscences of ‘Thanga Magan’ climax. The problem with VIP 2 is that it deals with the antagonists or the ones with grey shade in a hilarious way, which dampens the strong premise.

But then, it does manage to make up with the comedy portions. The climax portions are experimented in a much unexpected style, where the humour dominates. Although, the film is enjoyable for these minute reasons, the power-packed Raghuvaran in VIP goes missing here in this second instalment.

Verdict:  Enjoyable and Engrossing! But not as the first part

Rating: 2.25/5