2.0 Songs Review

2.0 Music Review 

The grandest and technically extravagant affair of this season – 2.0 get the audio launched. We at Kolly Buzz bring you an exclusive look upon couple of songs released for now. The third song will be released lately in time. 2.0 is directed by Shankar and is produced at a whopping budget of 350Cr by Lyca Productions. Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson have played the roles, which has musical score by AR Rahman. 

Raajali Nee Gaali

Singers: Blaaze, Arjun Chandy and Sid Sriram
Lyricist: Madan Karky 

OMG! Listen to this track many number of times and you’ll find something new every time. A commonality in AR Rahman’s recipe, who always gives an intense importance to sound apart from the musical panache… Well, this is a genre that allows him to experiment and streak through the adventurous power play. He just throws up crazy mode music, where kids, teens and listeners of any age would go for relentless airings. The brass, chorus, beats and fill-ins just emblazon the lyrics of Madan Karky. 

Getting on with the lyrical part, Madan gives the best massively exploding track that Rajinikanth would himself give a pat on his shoulders. It’s extremely heroic track for our Thalaivar, which will definitely get an explosive response in the theatres.

Arjun Chandy gives himself in for a flawless intonation while Blaaze and Sid Sriram strike up with an overpowering flow of vocalism.

Endhiralogathin Sundariyae

Singers: Sid Sriram and Saashaa Tripati
Lyrics: Madan Karky 

This isn’t something new from AR Rahman as it sounds like revisiting the days of Kadhal Desam, Mr. Romeo and many such newfangled music that he had experimented earlier. This song travels strongly on computerized sound and Bass works. The fill-ins with slow-paced EDM genre give an amusing appeal to the contemporary musicians. Sid Sriram’s voice might not be recognized so easily as the echoed dual voice gives a different impression. Saashaa Tripati as usual scores brownie points. But AR Rahman’s greatest highlight is how he commutes the song from medium-to-fast pace. The percussions and minute instrumentals along with the sound effects make it more amazing.

On the whole, 2.0 has comes best with the technological panorama, where AR Rahman focuses more ‘Sound’ than ‘Music’. Blessed are those, who have the best sound system and they’re gonna get the best ever treat from ARR. It’s simple! Just like 2.0 has to watched with 3D for better results, the listeners need to have a fantastic music surround system if they have to enjoy this musical experience.