Composer : Rajesh murugesan
Director : Alphonse putharen
Starring : Nivin pauly,Nazriya Nazim.

Neram is a bilingual comedy thriller film directed by Alphonse putharen,with the track “Pistah Run Anthem” with lyrics taken from  yesteryear malayalam film kinnaram already being viral in youtube and the latest buzz being the film released under the reputed banner of ” Red giant movies” the stake on the Film goes high. Now lets see the Dual debut fanfare of the Composer- Director Duo works in  the soundtrack.

Pistah-Shabaressh Varma

the track sets the soundtrack on for a race, with already being a hot trend in social networks.This song works both musically and commercially with typical kuthu pattu rhythms and fanfare sounds dominating the track the pace at which shabaressh varma delivers this track makes it highly Commandable.. Overall an excellent start to the soundtrack..

Evan Avan- Benny dayal

Morsing,Chenda melam, Electric guitar wow wat a fusion to start a  song electric and classical joining hands, the song is set on a motivating genre with benny standing behind the mike and giving it the required feel. towards the middle of the song we have a sweet touch of acoustic guitar playing a foreplay with electric , this song would be an absolute delight if played on travel . Such is the sounds, Man who ever played the electric guuitar to this track needs to be given an sure pat on the back.. Stunning work..

Kaatru Veesum- Haricharan

After 2 Fast paced beauties, the soundtrack takes a bit of rest here. The tune is highly free flowing here but the arrangements is what set the track apart we have swiss whistles, acoustic strums,a beautiful string section and even an accordion.. This song if presented as a karoake will surely be said as the one done by some established composer rajesh murugan has scored a sixer in arrangements, But the song is a tad let down vocally , somewhere inside we feel had karthick been behind the mic the song would ve been even better.Haricharan is not so pefect choice here.

Kadhal Ennule- Ranjith Govind

Another Auromatic melody, Imagine this song with a sip of tea and a kerala back waters to view, such is this beauty rajesh murugesan is surely a prospect after this song the accordion, nadhaswaram lude in the middle is so sweet. Ranjith Govind gets  a beautiful opportunity behind the mic and he uses it to his maximum advantage

Neram Theme
Song starts with a dialogue prasing time and gets into Jazzy groove.Bass guitar in this song is too good and once again that electric local rhythm fusions in the middle puts you on your feet rajesh murugesan extends the promise shown in songs to theme as well.. This is a beautiful piece..

The Phone booth

v get the first stint of thriller genre in the soundtrack, with guitar and that drums keep adding layer by layer once again the electric beauty takes over. Once again this track puts you on a feet..

Thiruttu isai Beethoven resurrected

This track is highly interesting, while the first half plays Fur elise of beethoven in the backdrop with tint of electric funky layers, Second half plays the tune predominantly in electric guitar and drums, but towards the middle u want avoid being reminiscent about rahman ‘s work in 127 hrs . The guitar sounds too similar..but a good tribute to the gone past leend here and also the naming of the track is quite unique..

Overall : Neram is a perfect Debut by rajesh murugan with special round of applause to whomsoever played the electric guitar. If you are the person who doesnt search for the names of stars in the inlay of CD’s this neram will surely stand the test of time..