Paiya, Naan Mahan Alla, Siruthai are all well known names and has been in karthi’s hit list. Saguni is a political script directed by Shankar Dayal. The film features Karthi and Pranitha in the lead role while Santhanam, Roja, Prakash Raj, Raadhika Sarathkumar and Nassar appear in supporting roles.

The movie starts with the death of the CM. The death of the cause was due to the negative rumors created by Bhupathi (Prakash raj). After few minutes comes Kamal (Karthi) with an opening song “Kandha Kaara Vada” followed by the introduction of “Rajini” (Santhanam) who takes wrong impression on Kamal thinking that he is a rich guy but the truth is that Kamal came to meet various politicians to stop the project planned by Bhupathi to build a railway track that could destroy the house of Kamal.

Kamal explains his past to Rajini on what has happened between him and his love with Sridevi (Pranitha). During his stay at his aunty (Rojas) house he served as a car driver. Sridevi goes foreign and Roja finds out that Kamal is in love with Sridevi, Kamal is worried that his love may break up due to the opposition by Roja. The flash back ends and comes to the current situation where Kamal meets Bhupathi and they have exchange of words and disagreement.

The second half focuses on how Kamal gets an opportunity to take revenge on Bhupathi by using Ramani aachi (Raadhika) and Nasser. He uses his tactics to make her stand on election and wins with major votes. The story then drags on with the aim of making Perumal (Kota Srinivasa Rao) to reach high politic power and use him to prevent the railway project.

With few twists and fun Saguni is a Gamble!

Postives :
# Comedy
# Songs
# Flow of story

# Story
# Choreography
# Cinematography could have been better at some points
# Limited scenes for Pranitha

Rating: 2.5 of 5