The movie starts with a suspense thrill and makes us guess the story with many ideas. The story was very normal and presented clearly and shown in a detail viewr. The Love of the boy towards the girl who was a maid was awesome and innocent. The BGM was also good and it was on the right flow with the movie with one short song. The movie clearly explains what true love is with no usual scenes and completely different views and angles. The scenes were correctly mingled with the two stories in this movie and made no mistake.

The thrill was from the beginning till the end in each and every scenes making us guess the next scene. The climax was expected as usual and brought up completely different and stunning which received a great applause from the audience. A fantastic well shaped movie from Balaji Sakthivel with nice script. Each and every newcomers were well shaped and gave their outstanding performance with their role. None did a mistake and nobody seemed to be as a newcomer by their awesome performance.

The camera was handled was so professional and creative in many scenes.The first half was bit slow and the second half was very thrilled to watch and brings high expectation on the climax. The cameo performance by the inspector was awesome with his calculations and his calm move. Balaji Sakthivel’s splendid movie who has already given Kadhal and Kalloori. Another best movie in Tamil cinema and can expect some awards.

Note: Love + Thrill

Verdict: Outstanding Movie