Thalaivan Varugindraan – Vishal Anthem

Thalaivan Varugindraan - Vishal Anthem Vishal Ishaan Dev
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Thalaivan Varugindraan – Vishal Anthem

Thalaivan Varugindraan, Vishal Anthem Directed by Ka.Rajiv Gandhi. The song is all about on continuous efforts of vishal in his public life. Camera by Gunaseelan and Karthik Kumar, Music Director Ishaan Dev scores music, Lyricist Murugan Manthiram pens lyrics and Directed by Ka.Rajiv Gandhi.

Song Credits:

Song: Thalaivan varugindraan
Lyrics: Murugan Manthiram
Composed: Ishaan Dev
Programmed and Arranged by Ishaan Dev Singers: Nikkil Mathew, Ishaan Dev
Rap: Emzy shady
Guitars: Ramesh Vasudev
Backing vocals: Ka.Rajiv Gandhi, Gunaseelan, Karthik kumar
Studio: Green entertainments

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