Thulasi’s Exclusive Interview

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Thulasi’s exclusive interview
How did you get the ‘Kadal’ offer?

I got Kadal through my mum and her big name in the industry. I guess it was running through Mani sir’s mind too, to pair Karthik’s son and Radha’s daughter; Out of the blue it hit me and I let myself soak it in and jumped to the opportunity. I feel extravagant and gifted to have Mani Sir and Rahman sir.

Few words about Kadal
Umm Kadal is different and something new! Something you would not have expected and it is a real adorable story, chemistry and love between two young people. It is an awestrucking story. Mani sir is like my godfather, an amazing person, touching mentor and I learnt a lot through this opportunity and I hope you guys will enjoy Kadal when it comes out.

How did everyone in Family react when you signed this project & how was their support?
My family is more excited than me, especially my sister and mum they are my pillars of support and I am able to manage studies and acting. All thanks to their strength and belief in me and I hope I make them proud through Kadal.

Working with Maniratnam sir is every hero & heroines dream, you got it so quickly, how did you feel about it?
To get kadal is a complete blessing, never felt so blessed in my entire life and this opportunity has opened my eyes and I worked real hard for making myself worth for this chance. Hopefully it will be displayed on screen and I hope I do justice to this role, chance and sir.

Working experience with Gautham Karthik?
Gautham is an amazing person a complete sweetheart and very down to earth person. Working with him was outstanding because we both shared an understanding and we both were new so we helped each other out. We are real good buds now.

What about your Studies? Which do you prefer, studies or acting?
Education is my main concern and acting is just a side track to satisfy my eagerness and wanted 2 try it! But education and business is my main track in life. My studies will continue along with my acting.

Few words about Ravi K. Chandran’s Yaan?
Yaan is an amazing script it has everything, romance, action, thrilling and obviously the cinematography will be outstanding. Thanks to Ravi Sir and he has magic touch and I get to pottery a very different character from that in Kadal

Your favourite track in Kadal?
My favourite track currently is Moongil Thottam, keeps changing with my mood. Moongil Thottam is visually beautiful and the song is very touchy and meaningful that is why.

Which hero you would like to work with in future?
The hero I want to work with, my dream is Rajini Sir but otherwise I would love to work with everyone no one in particular as such.

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