Genius Movie Review

Genius Movie Review

Filmmaker Susienthiran is synonymous for couple of factors – One for his unique content in every film and another for ‘Quickies’. Yes, it’s quite commendable to see a combination of both in a filmmaker, but this indeed becomes a major minus for him. The best illustration for this can be the latest release ‘Genius’, which stars newcomer Roshan and Priya Lal in lead roles. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed music for this film.

It’s onionskin plot where we see a boy who is unceasingly pressured by his parents to take excel in academies and when he achieves a huge dream job with huge salary figure, they realize that they’re losing his son to fate.

By nature, such concepts have been already witnessed in famous movie like 3 Idiots. But then, Susienthiran has taken the route towards a different lane. But the greatest problem is that he fails to give an in depth detailing. This is a film that is supposed to be a character-driven one, which needs much more elaborated description. But with a shorter duration of 100 minutes, it doesn’t have a proper strength. If the characterization was made little more solid, the role of Roshan would have become impactful to a greater degree.

When it comes to performance, we aren’t able to judge the performance of all the actors as they appear in minimal scope. But it’s Aadukalam Narain, who manages to get more footage. Yes, his performance is neat and worthy of appreciations. Singam Puli does a comical role by the penultimate moments. While the story is supposed to travel in a single line of the protagonist’s issue, the portions involving the Priya looks completely illogical and it pushes the narration into a deplorable scale. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are good, but they go unnoticed. His background score in few places are good.

On the whole, Genius is a film that could have turned to be a real big laudable movie, but the amateur storytelling by Susienthiran and not so-good packaging keeps it down the mediocre meter.

Our Rating: 2/5