Here's Kee movie review starring, Jiiva, Nikki Galrani, Anaika Soti, directed by Kalees and produced by S. Michael Rayappan.

Kee Movie Review

Very few actors have the knack of getting mould into any roles they play. Be it a cute romantic chap or the darkly intense and emotional one, Jiiva has never missed to pull it off well with his magical screen presence and performance. The reason why we are bringing Jiiva’s performance on the first phase of our review even before analyzing the other factors is here. Yes, it’s purely because of the fact that his filmography comprises of many movies, where he gives heart and soul into the roles, but the overall movie happens to be a middling fare or sometimes, even below that graph. So where does ‘Kee’ actually fall into? It’s between the radar of not so good and average.

Director Kalees has crafted a neat story that revolves around the hacking and how many innocuous’ lives are ruined due to their indulgent activities into the technological sources. How much ever, you try to avoid, Vishal’s Irumbu Thirai evidently comes into the place and it’s something unavoidable. However, there’s a scarce similarity between them, which can be regarded as both plus and minus.

As we get onto discuss about the plus, it’s the performance of Jiiva, Govind Padmasoorya and others in the star-cast. Nothing to blame on them, but it all goes wasted due to the improper craft of storytelling. Just as the story delves into the emotional base, we are distracted with unwanted drama of romance, songs and in few places, comedy tracks too. This is a film that should have been presented without any such elements. The first half has some light moments, but the second hour gets slightly gripping. There are certain scenes, which enhances the thrill moments and if director had elongated them in few more places, the movie have been really a taut thriller.

When it comes to technical aspects, there isn’t much to bring up positively. The background score is quite appreciable in places.

Totting up with the film, ‘Kee’ has a story that would have easily impressed and garnered huge response irrespective of its time-worn plot. But the perplexed writing to convince both the offbeat and commercial audiences is where the film drops down heavily.