Lakshmi Movie Review

Lakshmi Movie Review

Irrespective of what the box office results call upon, director Vijay has found his zone of audiences, who always trust there is something called ‘Minimum Guarantee’. That’s how, even his wretchedly reviewed movie ‘Karu’ could find a houseful of audiences during a second weekday noon show in a multiplex… Stepping aside from such criterion, let us see how his latest release ‘Lakshmi’ proceeds with its show.

With a strong faith we can be assured that readers aren’t looking for the synopsis here. Yes, it was revealed many times over the dance based films and of course, the theatrical trailer of Lakshmi. When we might feel this to be a much normal tale with time-worn plot, how could Prabhu Deva-Vijay conceptualize it and turn them in celluloid version. That’s a sure-footed confidence that there are few elements that will instantly overshadow this time-tested show. The first intriguing thing is the combination of Prabhu Deva and Ditya, who are already the instant crowd pullers. Secondly, dance can hypnotize you barring any flaws over its backdrops and finally, add few pinches of emotions, challenges and if possible some surprise elements too. The deal is done and Vijay manages to take us through the show.

On the flip side, the drama drops down the momentum in many places, where we find certain things repeated heavily. Moreover, for this generation that has overseen STEP Ups and of course our very own, ABCD. But with some modifications including the suspense towards the penultimate sequence, it remains as an average fare.
The performance of Prabhu Deva is genuinely honest and analyzing about his dance could be a Goosy attempt. Ditya looks doubtful in her performance and slightly a mismatch for a Tamil girl, but when she steps up for her dance, you forget them. Aishwarya Rajesh is neatly convincing. Kovai Sarala and Karunakaran offer a slightest pinch of humour. Salman Yusuf Khan has a great screen presence.

The ultimate showstoppers here are the choreographers Paresh Shirodkar Ruel Dausan.

  • Our Rating: 2.5/5


Verdict: Yes, it’s a time-tested film with stereotypical ‘Dance’ genre flick, but the same ‘Dance’ keeps you engrossed with passable experience.