Mr Chandramouli Movie Review, Regina Cassandra, Gautham karthik

Mr Chandramouli Movie Review

Beyond the fact that Mr. Chandramouli marks the onscreen collaboration of father-son Gautham Karthik-Karthi duo, what kept us on decent expectations was director Thiru. Despites mixed responses with his erstwhile movies; the filmmaker has never missed to gain our attention. A rom-com (Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai) followed by Samar (Mystery) and Naan Sigappu Manithan (Suspense-Thriller). Significantly, these movies, especially the latter ones had something more noticeable. When it comes to his latest outing ‘Mr. Chandramouli’, we are completely disappointed with his presentation. Keeping audiences intact and engaged from beginning till end happens to be his intriguing USP. But here, we are able to make right guesses. Moreover, the screenplay isn’t really at its best, which is too much amateurish. This isn’t a tale or package that we expect from him.

The story unfolds through a series of flashback from the protagonist’s perspective (Gautham Karthik), where he is seen in a pathetic situation in hospital. Being an aspiring boxer, he shares a wonderful bonding with his father (Karthik). Their unconditional bonding finds no end that dad helps his son win the heart of a girl (Regina Cassandra). On the parallel run, a clash between two call taxi entrepreneurs and series of murders in the city, which links these characters into web of contact forms crux of the story?

This is an old-age theory bounded movie, where nothing impresses you except for the splendid cinematography of Richard M Nathan and performances of Gautham Karthik-Varalaxmi-Regina Cassandra. Getting on with Navarasa Nayagan, it’s a disaster scattered upon him. Being such a classic actor, he is someone, who scores brownie points even in an ordinary script. But the way, his characterization is shaped here sends out annoyance, especially with the repeated scenes thrust upon. Gautham Karthik is perfect with what is offered to him. Yes, he is good in performance. Apparently, the scenes between father and son are not so appealing. Its better if Satish decides to take a break for a while and get himself improved with his hilarious skills or better quit comedian and start performing serious roles. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar is the only solace out here for the audiences with her minimal presence. Santhosh is at his best and there is nothing to blame upon him. Director Mahendran does a perfect job and there is nothing special to mention about Ahathian.

Musical score by Sam CS is good, but in most places his BGM looks completely in non-synch with the screenplay.

By the end of show, what we get to realize that certain films should be left as it is in silent mode, which will yield at least an average output. But if tried with vociferous promos in aggressive way for what it is not, then results would be abruptly disastrous.