Starring Adharvaa, Vedhicka and Dhansika
Direction: Bala
Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Cinematography: Chezhiyan

The expectations on Paradesi were very high due to the name “Bala” but just a day before the release, a video emerged in YouTube called “Reality Making”. Many opposition were seen, this includes individuals well as cine stars, directors & producers. Why? because the video had cruel content. As of today, all those who made negative comments towards Bala are appreciating him, thanks to his masterpiece work & promotion strategy!

The story:
Paradesi deals with the story of enslaved tea plantation workers. The film has been adapted from Eriyum Panikadu, a Tamil translation of the novel Red Tea by Paul Harris Daniel.

Bala has engaged us straight into the subject without dragging with unnecessary things. Rasa (Adharva) plays an envoy character; he goes around villages to give out news. Vedhika plays the character “Angamma”, who loves teasing Rasa. Affiliation forms between Angamma & Rasa, which later becomes a turning point in the film. Rasa is a free guy who has no job, he requires a job if he wants to support his dependants. A middle man enters the village to offer job, Rasa along with the villagers’ leaves to work in a tea estate by walk. They land in a trap of being used as slavery; they get tortured by the guards often.

Maraghadam (Dhanshika) is introduced half way through the film; she is already working in the tea estate. A quantity of workers could not hold on for any longer, they plan a escape from the chaos but gets caught and punished. Working in tea estate only increased their pain and afflict, they did not get what they were promised! The rest should be seen in the big screen to witness what happens to the workers and does Adharva meets his Angamma? go for it!

Talking points:
#Performance: Adharva, Vedhika, Dhanksika & co-artists have done remarkably well, but amongst them Adharva was spectacular!
#BGM: GV has done a wonderful job, he has made us involve in the movie emotionally with his RR!
#Cinematography: Chezhiyan`s camera work requires gratitude, the cinematography was one of the strength to the movie!
#Screenplay: flawlessness to the core by the versatile filmmaker Bala!

Overall, Paradesi is a landmark film, a Bala film, a reality film & an award winning film!

Rating : 4/5