Tamil cinema had its own formula and following. It never ventured into experimenting baring a few. But off late  new directors and  their films – Attakathi, KSY, Pizza , NKPK have broken the barrier in cliched film making . They have also proved that quirky making can also reach the audience big time. Nalan Kumarasamy and his “soodhu kavvum” is also one such quirky attempt.

“Soodhu kavvum” is a story of 4 small time kidnappers – Das, Sekar, pagalavan and kesavan who kidnap for a living. But things take a U- turn when they decide to kidnap the finance ministers son with his own help for money. This gets them into a series of unfortunate events which forces them to  gamble with their lifes.

Nalan’s script and screenplay is top notch. The handling of the story is exceptional. He has made sure you don’t take your eyes of the screen and sends you into splits with his dialogues more than once.

Vijay sethupathi is in full flow here. The actor gives you a causal performance and shows you why he is one of the most sort after heroes  A big kudos to him. Sanchita as the imaginary girlfriend comes and goes as a glam doll but still catches your eye. Karuna karan is brilliant as the finance ministers son. The three other friends are also expectional. Especially RJ Ramesh as sekar. Veterans like MS Baskar , Radha Ravi also do a neat job. Yogjapi , the billa actor also gives you memorable performance.

Technically the movie is really good. DOP Dinesh gives a clean stunning camera and Leo john’s editing is also good. Santhosh’s songs seems to have lost importance and have been avoided sadly. Though the BGM is excellent and maintains the tempo of all the scenes.

Nalan’s story and characterisation is what has  scored him a winner here in soodhu kavvum.
On the down side the movie is long about 2 and half hours without the songs that too. With a brisk and pacy first half the second half looks to have lost its sheen and should have been little more crisp. One has to wait for the climax. 

On the whole soodhu kavvum is one of those new attempts that needs to be encouraged. Black comedy seems to be the genre of the movie and the director has infused the comedy here effortless into the script.
3.5/5  New and different
Ps: give it a miss if you are a staunch follower of commercial making.