Spyder Movie Review & Rating Mahesh Babu AR Murugadoss spyder review

Spyder Movie Review

AR Murugadoss Spyder features Mahesh Babu, SJ Surya and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles. Harris Jayaraj has composed music and Santhosh Sivan handled cinematography. Sreekar Prasad has taken care of editing. The film has released worldwide today in both Tamil and Telugu.


Mahesh Babu plays Shiva working at Intelligence Bureau, who in spite of over qualification sticks to favourite job. This is all about listening and trapping the calls. He finds out if any strangers are in trouble and would try to solve their problems. In fact, he saves many lives from dangerous situations except a high school girl, who gets brutally murdered. Adding more gruesomeness is very own close friend, a lady cop being massacred along with her. Now he gets rigorous and revengeful to find out who’s behind this.

How different is the film from usual style?

This could be regarded as a cat and mouse game, but with a distinctively different plot. The treatment is done with excellence in screenwriting. The basic premise of this film is something different, where villain gets equal and powerful domination as hero. A film that touches social context and human psychology…

How engaging is the film?

The film has a running length of approximately 140 minutes, but it just swifts with fast narration. As promoted by makers, the film proves to be a strong edge-seated thriller. Although, there is good number of songs, most of them used as montages don’t hamper the screenplay.

How technically strong is the film?

To be precise, the biggest plus is the editing by Sreekar Prasad. He contributes a huge portion of support to the screenplay. His transitions and cuts are just simple and yet brilliant. Santhosh Sivan doesn’t need an analysis for his cinematography. He tries to come up with new pattern of showcasing visuals, which are different from his usual ones. Harris Jayaraj is disappointing factor with songs and BGM.

How well the actors have performed?

First and foremost, its Mahesh Babu deserving all praises. He has taken so much of care to dub with excellent command over the linguistic skill of Tamil is groovy. Rakul Preet Singh is none other yet another prototyped heroine that you might find in many films. But her role is neatly limited and not used for unwanted romances and songs. SJ Surya is the maverick showstopper out here. He just pulls of with a trenchant performance that keeps winning applause and whistles throughout. RJ Balaji doesn’t get a proper footage. Bharath is just appearing for couple of scenes. He does complete justice to his role.