Aan Devathai Music Review

Aan Devathai Music Review, M Ghibran, Samuthirakani

Aan Devathai Music Review

It looks like Ghibran has become the absolute choice of any filmmaker, who are striding through the course of ‘Content is King’ based movies. Well, this indeed has become a rigid genre and Ghibran’s previous musical scores for such erstwhile flicks prove it much more substantially. Aan Devathai features Samuthirakani, Ramya Pandiyan, Radha Ravi, Kaali Venkat, Ilavarasu and few more prominent actors in the star-cast.

Nigara Than Nigara

Singer: Vineeth Srinivasan
Lyrics: Soundararajan K

The song has a pleasant commencement with the soothing Veena followed by flute in the preludes. Moreover, the beautification occurs through the rendition of Vineeth Srinivasan, who happens to be the current charming voice of South music industry. The vocalizing pattern of Vineeth Srinivasan is so much windy that a slight increase of instrumental prominence would have eclipsed him. But Ghibran keeps it perfectly on balanced equilibrium. A soothing song with a lullaby impact on minor notes along with exquisitely written lines by Soundarajan K.

Malarin Narumanam

Singers: Yazin Nizar, S. Riyaz, Aravind Srinivas
Lyricist: Late. Kaviko Abdul Rahman

Ghibran never misses to give his inmost heart and soul into the songs that carry themes based on divine essence.  This song is a beautiful expression of spirituality embellished by Late Kaviko Abdul Rahman. Ghibran picks up Qawali styled composing is elegantly done with Yazin Nizar,  S. Riyaz and Aravind Srinivas rendering it.


Singer: Chaitra Ambadipudi
Lyricist: R. Karthik Prasanna (Karthik Netha)

As the song begins, we get to sense something reminiscent with the prelude, which has similarity to ‘Kottikaara’ song from Papanasam. But it instantly shifts into a different pattern in the next few seconds. The first interlude that comes as a fusion of violin and percussions are catchy.  Chaitra Ambadiupudi owns a voice that definitely will be soon declared to successors to Chitra and Sujatha.  A wonderful song that has every element of music, lyrics, and vocalism perfectly blended.

Roattu Kadai party

Singer: Gold Devaraj, Jacqueline Mary
Lyrics: Viveka M

When it comes to convincing the folk-local music loving group, Ghibran has to slightly work upon his best. Roattu Kadai Party has a style that is something stereotypical. In many places, the song faintly reminds us off ‘Bambara Kannu’ from Madurey. Nothing special to mention about the song and it might have its occurrence of attention through visuals.

Aan Devathai Theme

The honeyed flute with violins amalgamating with the softened rhythmic waves… Although the film is signified as an emotional tale of fatherhood, this theme music offers a clear perception that there are lots of positivity imbibed to it.

As on whole, Aan Devathai has a beautiful presentation by Ghibran. It’s not just about his musical score, but the lyrics have found a colossal importance here. While almost all the songs gain our attention instantly, ‘Roattu Kadai  Party’ might have to travel few more to have its brew.

Rating: 3/5 

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Verdict:  Delicately satisfying with decent packaging of music, lyrics and vocalizing.