Karuppan Songs Review

Karuppan Songs Review

Vijay Sethupathi-Tanya Ravichandran starrer Karuppan is a family entertainer set against the rural backdrops. Panneer Selvam of Renigunta fame has directed this film and Aishwarya of Shri Sai Ram Creations has produced it. Following Rummy and Rekka, D Imman composes music for a Vijay Sethupathi film. The album comprises of 5 tracks followed by 3 Karaoke tracks.

Karuva Karuva Payale  

Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Shashaa Tripati
Lyrics: Yugabharathi 

A medium paced romantic song that has its playfulness verbalized with the lyrics. A folk song gets perfectly designed with apt singers. Shankar Mahadevan has just swept us off the feet over the years with this musical genre. This is nowhere an exception and he rules the domain. But the real credit should be upon Shashaa Tripati, who has been confined to melodies like ‘Vaan’ and ‘Kadhalaada’. She gives an impressive spell on overall track. 


Singer: Pradeep Kumar
Lyrics: Yugabharathi 

The album opens with this mellifluous number, which offers a wholesome experience with orchestral aspects. There are diversified layers of musical components bestowing a splendiferous feel. Few first seconds into the song, the prelude with the vocal of Pradeep Kumar and guitars and percussions (Gadam) on mild note commutes us into a different world. The strings, flutes played with the fill-ins between the lines are additional attraction. The song is very much enhanced with the chord works and the Nathaswaram that comes by the interlude is wonderful. The lyrical lines by Yugabharathi of poetically referring the angel of a man’s life are paradisiacal. All these elements give us a clear idea of how the beautiful the visuals are going to be.

Olaga Vaayadi

Singer: Benny Dayal
Lyrics: Yugabharathi 

A song that comes with the trademark touch of D Imman, where the folk elements are prevalent from the initial moments… The kind of instrumentals is so simple and very minimum keeping to the least level of decibel. It’s Benny Dayal significantly having his best realms. His rendition needs no intention as he goes swiftly through any pitch and octaves. He just makes it happen in an effortless style.

Murukku Meesa Maama

Singers: Diwakar, Anitha Venkat
Lyrics: Yugabharathi 

A special number that might have its attention with the visuals and choreography…. A single line of instrumental notations keep repeating from prelude. In many instances, Diwakar has blatantly proved that he could be the successor of Shankar Mahadevan. Just don’t look into the singers’ credit and in places you can sense a trace of Shankar from Diwakar. The heavy beats by the second interlude might get a pump in theatres if Vijay Sethupathi is shaking his legs. Anitha Venkat has done a convincing job with her portions.

Usure Usure

Singer: Ananya Bhat
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

This is a rare scenario, where a rural themed song is treated with western instrumentals. D Imman has taken special attention. The distortion pieces by the initial moments followed by the intonating portions of Ananya Bhat are just soulful. The song expresses the pathos of a longing girl and the situational context has been very well projected by lyricist Yugabharathi. The most specific highlights of this song are the musical quotients, which you can experience with Karaoke. Even the minutest sounds get its clarity and credits. 

Karuppan has a package of folk and melodious tracks well delivered by D Imman. It’s so much evident that D Imman has been scaling new graph on radar with each album. Well, everyone knows about his composing skills, but here he has emerged as a clear winner with the sound mixing, giving best details to every instrument. Azhagazhaga and Usure will be the instant hits and rest of the tracks will go on to reach ‘evergreen’ label in short span of time.

Verdict: D Imman beautifies ‘Karuppan’ with musical nativity

Rating: 3/5