Sodakku song TSK music review Thaanaa Serndha Koottam songs Review, Thaanaa Serndha Koottam Music Review

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam Music Review

Sodakku Mela Sodakku
Singer: Anthony Dasan
Lyrics: Vignesh ShivN

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam Music Review: For the next four minutes, your legs would and fingers would get irresistibly uncontrollable. Especially, for Suriya and Anirudh fans, this is a song that would be unimaginably surprising. The sodakku song teaser had the celebrations already sprouting up for the ‘Folk’ treat and now the full song adds up more to it. The song has only one interlude, which has a peppy moments with the guitars and veena that are played in a ‘Staccato’ style and it stands out to be the greatest highlight.

The second interlude doesn’t have anything, but instead gets a voiceover of Suriya and Kalaiarasan speaking about the common problem of unemployment. As the voiceovers keep happening, Anirudh brings in a chirpy styled light music in the backdrops, which again gets back to the fast folk mode. But the greatest showstopper is none other than Antony Dasan, whose energy is highly infectious. Right from the beginning till the end, the percussions and Antony Dasan make it an extraordinary treat for the listeners.

This song is definitely going to be an incredulous jubilation in theatres and Anirudh has nailed it stunningly.


Naana Thaana
Singer: Anirudh
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

The song carries a lot of enjoyable moments, which encompasses fun and love combined together.  Of course, this kind of song is something like piece of cake for Anirudh, who would exert an impeccable stroke of creativity with musical enlivenment. Rhythmic accompaniment mixed with percussion and guitar throughout the song has a unique feel. Above all, it’s the vocalism by Anirudh steals the show. The lyrical lines embedded with simplistic words and rhyming ends stand out to be a major highlight.



Thaana Serndha Koottam
Singers: Anirudh and Vignesh Shivn
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

This looks like a situational song that could be getting its best dosage for the visual prominence. The song is dominated with best graph of musical components, which doesn’t eclipse the vocalizing part by singers. Nevertheless as mentioned, it’s a visually oriented song that would gain importance after release.


Engae Endru Povathu
Singers: Anirudh and Shakthisree Gopalan
Lyrics: Vignesh Shivn

The song has an emotional connect that instantly lets you get soaked in its own world. Anirudh effortlessly with his Midas-touch exerts the best as it happens with his songs that are emotionally inclined. The mildness that he maintains over the musical components adds a distinctive effect of strong attraction towards it. The portions involving Shakthisree Gopalan echoes like the Invisible whisperers. Overall, it is powerful lyrical lines that bring in a tremendous wholesomeness.

Peela Peela
Singers: Jassie Gift, Nakash Aziz and Mali
Lyrics: Vignesh ShivnYet another fun filled number that travels into the ‘Baila’ genre. A special highlighting treat about the song is that Anirudh manages to bring in the right pick of singers, which is out of the box thinking. With the famous terms of 80s and early 90s like Rasna, Ujaala that are commonly used in advertisements, it instantly gets into our attention. When it comes to rhythmic paradigm, it remains the same yet enjoyable throughout the track.


Thaana Serndha Koottam holds every element that is required to make an album a Chartbuster hit. Anirudh scores brownie points in all songs that are based on different emotions that labelling them as genres. Be it enjoyable numbers like ‘Peela Peela’ and ‘Naana Thaana’ along with ‘Sodakku’ or emotionally captivating number ‘Engae Endru Povathu’, they’re just awesome.

Verdict: The album brims with excess energy and enthusiasm of Anirudh

Rating: 3.5/5