Composer : Sathya
Director : Sundar C
Starring : Siddarth, Hansika, Santhanam & others
Audio: Sa Re Ga Ma

The Soundtracks ( Barring Anbe Sivam) from Sundar C factory have always been a commercial success but haven’t been an easy going for hardcore music lovers. C. Sathya made some promising soundtracks in Engayum Eppothum and also his guitar based ballad in Ponmalai Pozhuthu have been pleasant with quite a reach. Lets c how the culmination of both these people works in Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru.

Azhagendral – Ranina Reddy, C. Sathya

The Song starts with programmed shehnai and leads us into a hero praising heroine song, the composer has done an excellent job both behind the mike and as a composer. The broken strings, the mighty blow percussions works in favour of the song. Ranina Reddy adds bit of a value.

Kozhu Kozhu – Vijay Prakash , Priya Hemesh

The composer has been given two gifted voices, but he has learn only to spoil them. This song is nothing but a typical kuthu song with Sundar C tag. The lyrics are too absurd and towards the middle of the song you are deliberately forced to skip it.

Lovukku Yes – Ranjith , Sharmila , Dr Narayanan

The Song opens with a promising electrical guitar riff , but Sathya has made a false step in selection of vocals Sharmila and Ranjith literally Dunno in what tone they are singing this song. the sax interlude by Sathya is of-course well done and a small tint of Dr. Narayanan is good as well.

Melliya Saral – Yazin , Harish Iyer

The Song opens up with an aura of Broken strings, a piano and acoustic Guitar plucks with a free flowing melody coming from the husky voice of Yazin, Sathya interestingly adds a R&B rap by Haricharan, in the middle and it works very well. the song is surely pleasant and reminds us of good efforts of sathya in ponmalai pozhuthu..

Thiruttu Pasanga – Saindhavi, Ranina Reddy, Dr Narayanan

The Club song which has the same rhythm as the one by DSP in Villu and the vocals are such a mish mash again barring the Saindhavi portion and that programmed nadhaswaram the song doesn’t have much in platter.

Enna Pesa – Haricharan

Third Soft ballad in album Sathya seems to have an affiliation for soft numbers and he does them very well too. The backgrounds are highly interesting, the sweet guitar sounds make it highly interesting, Haricharan adds a might with his vocals. Though the lyrics are middling the song pedals itself with its vocals and Arrangements.

Theeya Velai Seiyanum Kumaru ends up as an album with standards of Sathya and Sundar C culminating in right proportions. This is an album that can stay in your playlist for weeks and worth listening.