Naan Ee is an Indian bilingual socio fantasy film written and directed by S S Rajamouli, made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil languages. It stars Sudeep, Samantha and Nani. M. M. Keeravani composed the film’s music while K. K. Senthil Kumar handled cinematography and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao helmed the editing.

The current tendency of Tamil cinema is becoming boredom with same genres of movie. The genres are either being action, masala or stylish but in between these genres we get to see few unique high tech movies. Yes that’s right, Naan Ee, a movie that has the ingredients romance, comedy and revenge has won everyone’s heart and is being the talk of the town.

The first half of the movie goes by romance, comedy and revenge. The scenes are perfectly shot with a good flow of story line between Nani, Sudeep and Bindhu. Nani, a next door boy who lives opposite Bindhu falls in love with her, though she does not show any sign of love towards him. Shortly after few scenes she shows love towards Nani.

Nani and Bindhu spends pleasant time before the multi millionaire “Sudeep” who meets Bindhu during charity time and gets attracted to her finds out that Nani is in love with Bindhu. Sudeep tries everything to make Nani maintain distance with Bindhu; however this does not happen. Sudeep goes extreme to get rid of Nani so he can be with Bindhu. Although Nani only gets few portions in the movie, he has done an excellent job on his performance.

After the death, “Nani” is being reborn as a “fly” and takes revenge on his killer (Sudeep). We also get to see the introduction of Santhanam, does he really needed? The rest of the movie focuses between the Fly (Nani) and Sudeep while keeping you think what will happen to Bindhu.

Overall, Naan Ee is a perfect unique high tech movie, a must watch movie!

+ Cinematography
+ Sudeep’s performance
+ Editing
+ Story
+ Camera work


RatingL 4 of 5