Reviewed by Kamal

Tamil cinema 2012 has been different.  Yes when I say different I mean it. A year where debutant directors and small movies have sprung one too many surprises. Be it Attakathi or Pizza these movies have worked big time with the audience. Nadula Konjam Pakaatha Kaanom is one such but will the audience lap it up? This will be answered in the coming days.

As whacky as the name sounds (NKPK) the story of the movie is also equally whacky.  Prem (Vijay Sethupathi) a mumbling young guy is all set to marry his love Dhanalakshmi (Gayathiri).  He is always surrounded by his best friends Saras, Bajji and Bucks. The day before the marriage Prem gets into an accident which causes a temporary loss in memory because of which he forgets his lady love. Instead of dropping the marriage, the friends decide to get Prem married in his present state and how they do is told in this 2.50 minutes rib tickling, thrilling entertainer.

The story being a real life incident, the director Balaji Tharaneetharan has decided to cast one or two of those involved in the incident which is the biggest plus in the movie. The backbone of the movie is the story which is fresh and funny.  Vijay Sethupathi shown as nut case has done a neat job though he gets only 25-30% of the screen space while major 75% is taken by the three friends. Out of the friends, Bucks (bhagavthi) is the pick of the movie. He is natural, funny and he is sure to walk away with lot of awards. Gayathiri, the female lead comes in the 120th minute of the movie and still manages to make an impact.

The cameraman PREM whose life story is the entire movie has come out with flying colours and it was bound to happen. Another relief is that the movie has no songs and editor Govind has to be given credit for taking them out to maintain the narration. The BGM by Siddarth (who is from the Rahman troupe) complements the thriller and is fantastic.

After pizza a movie like NKPK should really help Vijay Sethupathi and he is sure to become a house hold name in the future. Though a debutant the director Balaji is technically strong and has had a clear idea of what he was doing by having right people with him (Writer and Cameraman). But with all the positives the movie tends to lose its pace at some points and logic comes into questioning and it does get a bit tiring in later stages as it drags.

Overall as the promo song says “SOMETHING IS MISSING IN THE MIDDLE” the movie has something missing which makes it a Good movie and not a great movie sadly.

NKPK- It is funny and innovative

PS: watch the movie till the end credit roles.

Rating: 3.5 of 5