Oru Kal Oru Kannadi movie review

The Movie starts asusual with the present then moving to the flashback of why the current happening is going on (Similar to Boss (A) Baskaran). Udhaynidhi (Saravana) and his friend (Partha) roams together around the city and make fun of girls and have fun. Santhanam falls in love with one girl (LOL). And later Udhaynidhi makes fun of a girl who is waiting at the signal and finally he too falls in love her. She is no other than the heroine of the movie ‘Hansika Motwani’ (Meera).

The Story moves on asusual basis with romance starting from Saravana to Meera and she tries to threaten Saravana as her dad is the deputy commissioner of police. But Saravana even after that follows Meera and makes his way to impress her. This continues till the 2nd half. In between this there comes some fight between Saravana and Meera and even between Saravana and his friend Partha. This repeats couple of times in different angles. And finally there comes a big misunderstanding between Saravana and Meera. And Meera decides to marry the guy whom her parents has fixed.

In-between all these comes the visualized tunes composed by Harris Jayaraj with different location and good colorful visuals under fantastic locations. Even-though Udhay is not well-versed in dance, he managed with simple steps which doesn’t make us think he is not good dancer. The choreography was really good and had no confusion or bad remarks.


After all “Will Meera marry the guy who was arranged by her parents or marry Saravana” is the climax.

The guest appearance of Arya with some cool dialogues and Sneha with a small guest role in between the movie makes the audience roar.

Overall the story is seem to be a combination of SMS and BEB but shown in a different angle. Harris Jayaraj has given awesome BGM and a nice Jingle.

Now, coming to the presentation done by the artists:

#Udhay being a new-comer has given a good movie and done his part well. Combo with santhanam was too good.

#Hansika has done really well. This is her best of all movies she has acted. No overacting, Well performed, Hope she is improved.

#Santhanam “Nothing Bad” He has done an extraordinary performance with Udhay, Really comedy was like crackers.. Made the people in the theatre laugh continously from the begining to the end (even in ending title card)

#Other artists (Saravana’s Dad, Mom & Meera’s Dad, Mom) really performed well even-though their part was less. Santhanam’s girl friend was also good. And all performed their part well.

#Overall a Good Movie to watch and Enjoy.. Watching this movie gets relief from stress. Makes you fresh.

Director Rajesh’s 3 in a row HIT

Rating: 3.5 of 5