Thuppakki Reviewed by Kamal

What was voted as the most awaited movie of the year on an online poll is finally here ”THUPPAKI”. Diwali has always been special to Vijay and his fans. Be it Thirupaachi or Sivakasi or Atm or Velayudham the hero has always seen very big to marginal success on this day. Now that he has joined hands with the hit machine Ar.Murugadoss , So how did The ILAYATHALAPATHY of Tamil cinema do this year ? Let’s see.

The movie starts off with Jagadish(VIJAY) an Army officer who is on his way back to meet his family for his vacation. Jagadish is whisked off to meet NISHA (KAJAL) by his parents. Jagadish and Nisha’s love episode starts there. The first 30 mins of the movie is all about Vijay and Kajal trying to get the better of each other in love. The movie gets its Pace around this time where Jagadish gets to be in bomb blast unintentionally. This leads to a series of events from which Jagadish gets to know about the activities of “SLEEPER CELLS” in the city of Mumbai. He then decides to take on the sleeper cells and its leader (VIDYUTH). There is quite a cat and mouse show between the two and how Vijay takes him down forms the rest of the story.

The standout in the movie is definitely ARM’s Screenplay which is tight gripped for the entire run time of 170 minutes, baring a few places where the director gets a little clichéd. The director has used Vijay at his elemental best. The actor is in full flow , he fights , he dances , his comical timing is evident as always but he also does something he has done rarely this good. “HE EMOTES”. He is the backbone of the movie and credit goes to him because all we see is this NEW VIJAY which we haven’t seen in his past movies. Kajal agarwal does a decent job. She could have had a bigger role but story line doesn’t allow her to. Her dub and lip Sync is good but should improve her dancing skills. Satyan as Vijay’s friend comes in the major part of the movie as his sidekick and with some witty one liners he makes us laugh. Jayaram as a senior officer gets a character that suits him well and carries the applauses home. Vidyut as the villain is menacing and brainy his role is well written though he resembles Jhonny Tri of 7am arivu in the beginning.

In The Technical Department Ace cameraman SANTHOSH SIVAN has made a gargantuan comeback of sorts. He makes Vijay look stylish in every shot. His camera shows Mumbai in new light and the Interrogation scene makes you want more of this guy. SREEKAR PRASAD as the editor shows his mettle by giving as a sleek entertainer. HARRIS JAYARAJ music looks a letdown for a movie of this big magnitude except for Google Google and Antarctica but he makes it up in the BGM department. THOTTA DHARANI leaves his mark too in the movie and Vijay’s house is one such example.

Overall the movie is highly entertaining and has a lot of brain and brawn (the scene before the halftime will make your pennies worth) but goes a little over the board in the climax shot where the hero meets the villain in a 1980’s fight which is the biggest glitch of the movie. Vijay-Murugadoss combo was seen big right from the word go. How did they fare? Did the combo click? The answer: Yes it does and could not have been in a better way than THUPPAKI.

THUPPAKI wil make your time and money worth more than anything.

Rating: 3.5 of 5