Letter from visitor – Maran vs Ajith Kumar or Maran vs directors?

Letter from visitor - Maran vs Ajith Kumar or Maran vs directors
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Letter from visitor – Maran vs Ajith Kumar or Maran vs directors and celebrities with hurting past?

The unsettling ripples of controversies have apparently taken its domain over the past few days over online. An abrupt eruption of infuriations and ghastly conflicts has been exchanged in accordance to ‘Blue Shirt’ Maran YouTube review on Ajith Kumar’s Vivegam. It all turned out to be a volatile volcano as many of the Kollywood celebrities started sharing their earnest wrath and resentment upon his views.

Let Siva and Ajith Kumar work together

As on the personal citations, I would feel to express my views on a balanced mode. Firstly, anyone has the right to convey their thoughts as a fact of Freedom to Speech and Expression until and unless it leads to derogatory base beyond bearableness. Yes, I do accept the fact that in few places he has crossed his limit of expressing certain words of low opinions. This goes like, “Let Siva and Ajith Kumar work together for fourth time, but who is going to watch it.”  Such words should have been definitely avoided and he definitely has to apologize on this. When viewers and film fraternity has accepted a concerned individuals as an esteemed reviewer, one has to understand the substantiality of that profession. What if a judge in court passes abusive comments upon a criminal? Would it be an appreciable fact? He or she can pass judgments based on the criteria of jurisdictions, but cannot easily express their personal words. This is definitely to be taken action on the terms of defamatory speech if the other party would like to proceed legally.

How can one use abusive language over Ajith sir?

But what was irking so much to my consciousness is that why film celebrities had to react so much intensely upon that individual. Nataraj Subramaniam, the most celebrated cinematographer of Indian cinema and a well established actor as well. His words against Maaran was completely true, where he meant, “How can one use abusive language over Ajith sir… we condemn this…. You can criticise the film… but can’t use abusive language over a respectful human and an actor..”

On the other end, there have been few film personalities, who really gave their voice against the reviewer. But my desirous question is that what they were doing when their very own films were being blasted for the flip sides.

Cinematography Vijay Milton didn’t post any videos when his 10 Endrathukulla was blasted and it is noteworthy that same was with Raghava Lawrence’s Motta Siva Ketta Siva. Arun Vaidyanathan too has expressed his resentment. But why was he refraining from venting out when ‘Nibunan’ was criticized. Not to miss GV Prakash, who being so reluctant to speak back upon the same individual for the worst criticisms on Enakku Innoru Per Irukku and Bruce Lee. His movies were badly thrashed and yet GV Prakash remained closemouthed refraining from expressing his speech. So what makes his suddenly jump into a rash mode?

Ravi Arasu in an unheralded manner has expressed his lashing back statement too. So what about the review of Eetti that was delivered from the same man? Was he remaining tight-lipped at that point of time because he was a first time director?

Here goes my questions towards the celebrities who have raised the voice now….

  1. If the celebrities remained quiet, when their movies were blasted by Maran.. Do they agree he had a valid analysis to offer?
  2. If not? Why didn’t they respond in the same way through videos and tweets. Were they waiting for a big fish to make piggyback so that it becomes a massive exploding moment along with Ajith fans.
  3. Why doesn’t each actor or through Nadigar Sangam file a legal case against Maran for his defamatory speech?
  4. Why just actors or directors? Even fans can go ahead and do it… By doing this instead of abusing a person verbally, nothing is going to be fine. It will keep repeating. You offend a person and there are equal numbers of defenders too. Instead of leading to clashes and bringing public into the film fraternity, just a legal case would leave rest into the hands of law, isn’t it?

On the other end, there seems to be downpour of praises upon Maran, especially the one that came from playback singer Srinivas. This versatile singer has been so much silent till the date and suddenly shows up his voice in favour. In fact, he even posts some link of Maran’s review as well.

This lets me conclude that there isn’t anything wrong with ‘Vivegam’ team, especially Ajith Kumar, who remains quite and secluded and Maran, who has expressed his views.

But the main issue as I feel is with these celebrities, who have raised their voice in the name of Ajith Kumar to retaliate for the reviews Maran delivered for their very own, films….

This isn’t my judgemental attitude, but an assumption.


Note: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author (guest) and doesn’t carry the influential reflections of KollyBuzz