Raghava Lawrence's new horror film titled Kaala Bhairava

Raghava Lawrence’s new horror film titled Kaala Bhairava

While the career graph of Raghava Lawrence as an actor was going through mediocre phase, he shot to jet speed progression through ‘Muni’ in 2007. He continued to strike gold with the horror franchise ‘Kanchana’ and ‘Kanchana 2’. Last year, his commercial film ‘Motta Siva Ketta Siva’ turned to be a passable hit while his horror movie ‘Shivalinga’ didn’t touch the expectation levels of traders. Now Raghava Lawrence is pinning all hopes on his upcoming film ‘Kanchana 3-Muni 4’, which is close on the heels of completion. The expectations involving this film are much bigger for it involves Bigg Boss sensation Oviya and Vedhika, who was a part of Muni. During this juncture, Raghava Lawrence has announced that his next film ‘Kaala Bhairava’ will be commencing in the month of March.

This will be yet another horror film from the store of Raghava and he had already unveiled some posters before few months.