one more time-travel for suriya with tsk

Suriya’s one more Time-Travel with TSK

Surpassingly mind-boggling! That’s an impeccable moment of joy gushing forth through the vein of every member in the Thaana Serndha Koottam’s crew.  The first look launch on the birthday of Suriya followed by an eruptive thundering in Twitter becoming country’s highest film. Retweets and Likes for Indian movie panorama in past couple of years has entitled it to be a top-notch flick.

With the film’s shoot and post-production works simultaneously happening, Vignesh Shivn opens up on this project. With the incessant claims or possibly a stark assumption if the title has some political significance brewing up now.

Vignesh opines saying, “There is no such connectivity among them and it’s a tale about few individuals affected by a terrible loss due to a common crisis and how they amalgamate together for paying back forms premise of this tale. We have tried narrating it with the punch of commercial elements. The story happens in the time period of 1987”

Well, this gives a blunt perception that Suriya yet again is having a Time Travel back to 30 years and this time not with Sci-fi, but a closest period to the contemporary times.