Vijay denies rumors on Thalaiva

After the latest announcement of the title for Vijay – Vijay Project, there was a buzz flowing around that this flick might be based on politics. Here is the real info behind those rumors floating round.

Vijay has already turned his fan club into a service club with its own flag. There is a number of social services done under the club’s name. Vijay himself participates in public meetings in various districts and helps the poor. Following this, he was roumoured to be ready to indulge in politics. He  mentioned once to the press that he will participate in politics at the right moment.

In this situation, “Thalaiva” is expected to trigger his political career soon.  Sources said that the film has scenes related to politics and that Vijay stars as a politician.

On asking Vijay in this context, his reply was “There is no political content in Thalaiva and that he is not donning the role of a politician. He further refused to reveal anything about the story.”

The producer Sudhara Prakash Jai said that Thalaiva will reflect Vijay’s reputation. He said that the film’s posters may have reflected a political theme but the reality is not so.