Ajith Kajal starrer Vivegam aka Vivekam Movie Review

Ajith Kajal starrer Vivegam aka Vivekam Movie Review

Ajith Kumar and Siva collaborated for couple of entertainers – Veeram and Vedalam, which were set against the rural and urban backdrops. Apparently, their third outing together Vivegam becomes an International thriller. The first thing that comes out as an overall experience is the producers’ complete trust on Siva investing a huge cost for the grandeur. In fact, this is one of the first ever kind of movie in Tamil cinema that comes with complete International panache.

The film is about an Interpol officer Ajay Kumar (Ajith Kumar) who along with his team is involved in accomplishing toughest missions. He is assigned of curbing down the notorious plans of ‘Secret Society’ that aims at devastating many countries in the name of natural calamities to earn monetary and powerful status. This mission takes him through the core of unexpected twists and turns.

Twist by Intermission

When it comes to screenplay, the first half really deserves tons of appreciation. It just moves at an impeccable pace of fastest momentum. Couple of blinks and few more, we have traversed through the first hour. Just with a twist by intermission, we tend to expect more such raciness by second hour too. But it becomes more predictable on narrative aspects. Siva could have crafted an effective screenplay by maintaining the suspense till the penultimate moments, which would have made it more engaging. Moreover, the momentum could have been retained in second half as well.

If you’re keenly looking out for the film’s drawback, there is nothing much but the way characterisations are sketched. Taking back ‘Vedalam’ pre-intermission sequence as reference, the scene where Kabir being an antagonist unleashes his praises on Ajith becomes the major influence in Vivegam. In many places, we don’t see Ajay Kumar but Ajith Kumar, which slightly eclipses the substantiality of script. Others in the cast have done their best of what is offered to them.

Technically, it’s a genius work by cinematography Vetri, where he has captured visuals with innovative angles. Most of the songs occur as background score and montages, so it doesn’t hamper the screenplay anywhere. Anirudh just throws up Goosebumps with his BGM in many places. Editing by Ruben keeps the screenplay at right momentum.

Overall experience of watching Vivegam is that it’s passably entertaining and definitely will be acclaimed by Ajith Kumar fans.

Verdict: Strictly for AK fans. Technically well nurtured too

Rating: 2.75/5