Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 Movie Review

Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 Movie Review

Sarath Kumar starrer Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 is a thriller set against a time period of one night. JPR has directed this film, which is adaptation of Rajesh Kumar’s crime novel. So, what’s the Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2 all about? Yet another tale about incidents that happen in a single day across Chennai city? Lots of such assumptions might mount up until you’re perplexed as the show begins. We get to see that the story begins in Coimbatore and you’ll start predicting that tale would soon commute to Chennai. But to our surprisal and disappointment, the entire story is set against the backdrops of Coimbatore and hardly 2% of sequence happens in Chennai.

Sarath Kumar is a well esteemed cop, who is transferred from Chennai to Coimbatore. He resides along with his adopted children and has a picture-perfect life. But everything gets tossed upside down when mysterious posters ‘Angeline Dead – Today or Tomorrow’ are seen throughout Coimbatore. Though it is predicted as a kind of advertisement, police officer Napoleon sets up an investigation team under Sarath Kumar to find the mystery behind this. With time passing faster, Sarath Kumar has to move fast and brilliant to solve the mystery. But things get worsened, when his family is put at stake with threatening from mysterious ends. 

A story that happens between various characters

While Chennaiyil Oru Naal was based on a story that happens between various characters at a day time in Chennai, this one is totally different. As mentioned already, it’s happening over a night time and we see the clock graphically ticking to keep us notified. 

First and foremost, Sarathkumar deserves special mention for picking up for a film, which is different from his usual style. You don’t see him involved in fistful action blocks. Instead, he is much involved in the intellectually instinctive mission. Rajesh Kumar novels have always been an epitome of stunning mystery thrillers. The film has its own style of how a mystery thriller should be treated.  The way of suspense knots getting unraveled are interestingly told, but screenplay gets too sluggish in places. Despites the fact that running length is 100 minutes approximately, we fail to experience raciness in many places.

Even when the mysteries are revealed, the reason behind it seems justified, but when piled up for multiple reasons, it gets us bored. Revealing more on this could be a spoiler though. Moreover, the title and its irrelevancy with the film is a big minus. What if Karthi’s film Madras was completely shot in Tuticorin? Hope you get it now.

Since there are no songs, it becomes a positive factor to certain extent and background score is appreciable to. Cinematography holds important mention for major portions are shot during night time and yet very well done.

Although, the basic story of this film is quite interesting, the way it is narrated doesn’t strike the gold. But then, it might impress suspense thriller buffs to a certain magnitude.

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Verdict: A brilliant story that gets suppressed by weak screenplay