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Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

Kurangu Bommai Movie Review

Arrival of short filmmakers into the main league of moviemaking biz has been trending in Kollywood. In fact, most of the successful movies in the past couple of years have been delivered by them. It has considered that Nithilan would be one among them with his debut directorial ‘Kurangu Bommai’.  The film features Bharathiraja, Viddarth, Delna Davis and Elango Kathiravel in lead roles.


The story revolves around an aged man (Bharathiraja), who for the sake of his trustworthy friend (PL Thenappan) smuggles a costly statue from Tanjore to Chennai and to bring back the money. The statue is placed inside a bag with Monkey Doll (denoting the title ‘Kurangu Bommai’). Bharathiraja’s son Viddarth working as a cab driver in Chennai too has the same bag with him. How the bag that Bharathiraja moved into the hands of Viddarth did forms major crux of the story.

How engaging is the film?

The synopsis gives an impression of a short film though interesting. With strong attempts to elongate the duration, the writers and director have included some episodes and characterizations. Some of them are engaging, but few look unwanted. The portions involving Viddarth and Delna Davis look inappropriate to the major premise. But then, the film’s screenplay with ‘Non-Linear’ narration definitely deserves special mention and the justification of linking two different portions by second half is appreciable. The first half is slightly slow but picks up the pace by second hour. The climax portion is quite shocking and unpredictable too.

SCORE – 4/5


Bharathiraja emotes unparalleled in many places. Not to miss the sequence, where he narrates a story to the villain at a culminating situation. On the flip side, his performance slightly gets superficial too. Viddarth has to go through a severe changeover in his performance. Yes, it fits well for this movie, but on personal note, he has to go through drastic change in modifying his performance and body language. Delna Davis is expressive, but most of her portions look unwanted for this script. Elango is the real show stopper out here. Ganja Karuppu appears only for a scene. PL Thenappan can be expected to appear in many movies from now.

SCORE – 3.5 /5

How different is the overall movie from regular genre?

The story is simple, but narration is differently done that will definitely appeal to miniscule audiences. For the lovers of unconventional cinema, this is precisely a cherry pick.

SCORE – 3.5/5

How technically strong is the film?

Editing is the best attraction here and it has been done appropriately to match up with the film’s screenplay. Cinematography is passably good. Songs are average, but background score is appreciable.

SCORE – 3/5