Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Review, harish kalyan, raiza wilson, yuvan shankar raja

Pyaar Prema Kaadhal Movie Review

From the word ‘Go’, everything has been in right place for Pyaar Prema Kaadhal. In fact, it gradually gained up additional points through its way to release. The refreshingly candid looks of Harish Kalyan and Raiza Wilson. The musical complacency of Yuvan Shankar Raja that kept you addicted and that’s how Pyaar Prema Kadhal journeyed. The film is directed by Elan, whose previous outing ‘Grahanam’ is still on its way for release. Yuvan Shankar Raja is producing this film for YSR Productions in association with SN Rajarajan for K Productions.


An exotically happy-go-luck girl (Raiza Wilson) and a middle-class guy (Harish Kalyan) bounce upon each other. Well, it isn’t going to be a smooth and breezy one, for their dissimilar thoughts about life and love bring them for emotional confrontations.

Narrative analysis

Yeah! You saw it all in the trailer, where the missy propels her so-called beau to grab something from medical shop. That’s more than enough space to bring you close in the premise of this film. Moreover, the characters have been very well established in the trailer, but very few hold it strong throughout the drama. Since the conflicts remain the same and not so substantial, it fails to hold the audience’s attention in firmness.

Visuals and Musical analysis

Being a romantic drama, the emotions are very well enlivened through Yuvan Shankar Raja’s BGM. Of course, the songs are just outstanding, which keeps us enchanted with the Bhattacharya’s visuals. Editing misses the crispness in a few places.


Harish Kalyan gives more life into his role, whereas Raiza Wilson slightly misses getting it perfectly knotted. Anand Babu deserves special mention and Munishkanth does what is offered to him. Among all the actors, it’s Harish Kalyan, who keeps carrying the film on his shoulders. More than all, Pyaar Prema Kaadhal is a pretty good breakthrough for this actor to get into main league.

On the whole, Pyaar Prema Kaadhal has a refreshing charm with its visuals and lead actors along with Yuvan’s songs. Though it keeps juggling between different momentums, the film has an end product deserves a watch for its passable touch.

Rating: 2.75/5