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Vishwaroopam 2 Movie Review

Zero point gun shots, clinching fists, dashing swifts and what else, some unimaginable stunts that you’ll be put in awe… That’s an impeccable feast for Kamal Haasan fans, who are ready to accept his too cognizant-bounded dialogues and storytelling methodologies. In fact, you’ll be instigated to read the script papers of the first 30-minute version, which could be classified as a pinnacle of an auteur’s brilliance. The espionage thriller has its own treatment and it’s quite a commonality for the ones, who follow it as a buff. In this context, the film savours their tastes. Nonetheless, Kamal Haasan strives to Indianize it for a regional benefit with mother-son sentiments, some intimate moments between the couple and of course, some emotional bonding among the characters.

The first sparkler is something that’s beyond the technical and narrative aspects. The way Kamal Haasan planned up for a 4 ½ hours script book into two installments definitely deserves it honour. Well, what unexpectedly turned out to be a flip side is the delayed release. Nonetheless, it doesn’t strike up as a major drawback. The raciness is found in places, especially during the second hour, which gets winded up in approximately 45 minutes. The first half has a nitty-gritty element of screenplay, which offers its outstanding impact in places. On the technical zone, it’s background score by Ghibran and phenomenal editing that intensifies the narration.

Of course, Kamal Haasan is the ultimate showstopper, but he makes sure that every character irrespective of major or minuscule prominence gets to score the best. The new inclusions like Waheeda Rahman and Ananth Mahadevan appear in little portions, but are perfect. When compared to the first installment, it’s Andrea Jeremiah getting more importance. Although Pooja Kumar’s role seems to be written for adding spousal emotions, it doesn’t work out at the best. There are a few minuses, which might be considered for the gripping intermission block. It indeed serves as a climax, which propels audiences to assume that the climax is going to be yet more enthralling. But then, it’s just done in an instant dialogue bomb blast in 64 places. But yet again, the depth of an SMS from mobile, where Jaideep accidentally is about to drop it down and his reactions are outstanding. The dialogues of Rahul Bose by the climax and Kamal Haasan’s interaction with him are stunning.

On the whole, Vishwaroopam 2 has a fantabulous writing that an espionage tale demands. It’s done in an international standard and will be definitely acclaimed for its storytelling method.

Rating: 3/5

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Verdict: Vishwaroopam 2 writing owns brilliance, thrill, and emotions. Moreover, it’s Kamal Haasan show all the way.