Kadaikutty Singam release

Kadaikutty Singam Music Review

There has been a decorous magnitude of expectations involving the album of ‘Kadaikutty Singam’. The fact is that it’s D Imman striking musical chords and the premise is his favourite zone of rural backdrops. The music director has never missed to score his best in this genre of album. The film features Karthi, Sayyeshaa and Sathyaraj in lead roles. Pandiraj is wielding megaphone for this film, which produced by Suriya under the banner 2D Entertainment…


Singers: D Imman, Vandana Srinivasan
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

D Imman is well known for using specific formula for is melodious chartbusters. It could be very much evident in few places where he manages to shift between the major and minor scales with ease. Although it could be much easier to analyse and say in words, it really needs a great effort to render it. In this song, the above said traits or so much prevalent during the first and second verses. When the radiation of the singers or so much mellifluous, district chords in the backdrops, Add up the intensity for their melodious number. This song will have its humming among the listeners instantly. Vandana Srinivasan bestows the song with nuance vocalism.

Kaalai Theme

Singers: Nivas, Sai Vignesh, Narayanan Ravishankar, Vignesh Narayanan, Jithin Raj, T.S. Sarath Santhosh
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

When the makers revealed some videos involving the Rekla race from the film, it was pretty impressive. Now after listening to this track, you can imagine how best it’s going to be on the big screens. So much of raciness is found through the duration of 3 minutes 40 seconds. It’s evident that the 4-minutes of the feature film with Imman’s composing is going to be tremendous. The fast-paced rhythmic approach on percussions, the choral brass and other strings are outstanding.

Thandoora Kannala

Singers: VV Prasanna
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

The song starts with the mild notes on flutes and Santhoor played followed by mellifluous vocalism of (Male). The same rhythmic pattern is maintained through the song and the chord works are so elegantly produced. The chorus works in the second interlude suddenly takes a dive into western mode. The syllable of the singer and its synch with the rhythms is the biggest plus. D Imman’s trademark melodious track is sure to engross the listeners without fail.

Vaa Jikki

Singers: D Imman
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

This is going to be a real big treat for the rural folk lovers. The song directly commutes use to the farming lands of the green pastures. D Imman has done a complete justice to what the song deserves and it is going to be a beautifully impactful one on the big screens. The fast beat folk rhythms and the instrumentals offer a sense of finding successor to D Imman’s ‘Soi Soi’ from ‘Kumki’. The high level energy of (Male) is the icing of cake. If any singer is performing this song live, he will have to earn 10 times beyond his usual energy to croon it.


Singer: Pradeep Kumar
Lyrics: Yugabharathi

Definitely, this song is the best cherry pick among all the tracks. The emotional one involving some classical interference brings an immense feel of the pathos. But what’s more intriguing are the lyrical lines that speak about the family values. The pathos exhibited by the vocalism of (Male) deserves special mention. The interludes played on Veena and other stringed instruments add up more intensity. The other version of ‘Sengathire’ rendered by (Male) is much more appealing as on par with this one.

Overall, what’s completely highlighting about ‘Kadaikutty Singam’ album is, it is completely a male centric one from D Imman except for the Sandakaari, which is crooned by Vandana. All the tracks are based on different moods that involve celebration, pathos and joy of romance.

Rating: 3.25/5