Sandakozhi 2 Music Review, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Vishal, Keerthy Suresh

Sandakozhi 2 Music Review

The expectations have been literally at its best with the arrival of ‘Sandakozhi’ team. Especially, to see the upgraded Yuvan Shankar Raja 2.0 striking the musical chords, the fans have been curiously waiting for the audio album, which is now launched. Sandakozhi 2 features Vishal, Raj Kiran, Keerthy Suresh and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in lead roles with Lingusamy wielding the megaphone. Here’s our Sandakozhi 2 music review.

Kambathu Ponnu

Singer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics: Yegathasi

The song has managed to keep us hooked with its promotional track itself. Moreover, Yuvan has tried adopting a folk number to a western trend, which works out decently. Well, if you’re about to just read the lyrics, it would definitely give a feel of full-length folk number, but Yuvan’s Midas-touch just offers something different, especially with his rendition.

Meesa Vecha Vettaikaran

Singer: Mahalingam
Lyrics: Arun Bharathi

A regular festival number, which adds up an emphasis upon the importance of Raj Kiran and Vishal, which is neatly written by Arun Bharathi… Maybe, the song might get an impulsive response across the rural areas, but to relate this with the main actors instantly could take a little time if the film turns to be a blockbuster hit. But musically, Yuvan Shankar Raja has offered some nuances that are noticeable in the interludes.


Singer: Kailash Kher
Lyrics: Karky

For few moments, you might be wondering if this is a Bengali or Tamil song, for it has such a rendition by Kailash Kher. Of course, his vocalism indeed appears to be a highlight, whereas the impact might get bigger with the visuals. For now, it’s an ordinary song albeit Yuvan’s stunning work in instrumentals. Naturally, we have already heard him make it happen before with such paradigms.

Sooriyarum Sooriyanum

Singers: Chorus
Lyrics: Brindha Sarathy

It sounds like yet another festival number, even not the same, it could be a Montage track involving around Raj Kiran and Vishal. The highlighting part about the song is that Yuvan Shankar Raja manages to encompass the beauty of adoring the characters through wonderful chorus. The chord works we get to hear silently alongside the overpowering voices is a good one.

Sengarattan Paaraiyila

Singer: Ramani Ammal and Senthil Dass
Lyrics: Arivumathi

The song appears to be an instant hit and it has already managed to make it through the favourite pick of many music buffs. Naturally, this is what we mentioned above in the introduction part as Yuvan Shankar Raja 2.0. Blending a folk track to Dubstep effect is something unexpected and he nails it down efficiently.

On the whole, Kambathu Ponne and Sengarattan Paaraiyila become instantaneous attention-grabbing tracks, whereas other songs might have a middling effect as they occur to be normal ones.

Rating: 2.75/5