Sundarapandian Movie Review

Sasikumar the director who grabbed the attention of many through his “Subramaniapuram”, “Nadodigal” and “Porali” comes to big screen this time via “SundaraPandiyan” directed by his assistant Prabhakaran. Does he succeed again with “Sundarapandian” ? Read the review to find the answer.

Madurai and friendship these two are the important ingredients in any Sasikumar film and Sundarapandiyan is no exception. But what works big for Sundarapandian is the tight Script which engage the audience through out the movie. The plot is nothing new, Sasikumar a sweet guy who is loved by everybody in the village, he helps his friend Inigo(Azhakar Samyin Kuthirai)  and his friend’s friend (Nadodigal??) Appukutty in loving Lakshmi menon but Lakshmi menon starts loving Sasikumar . Inigo takes it light heart but problem starts when Appukutty dies accidentally in a fight and the rest of the story tells how Sasikumar marries lakshmi menon and malignant brutal friendship of Inigo and Vijay Sethupathy in climax.

Sasikumar excelled as an actor, he played as a Rajinikanth fan,his energy level and humor sense is completely evident on screen .Lakshmi menon shows no sign of a debut film but the real show stealer  is Soori his comic sense is brilliant and after a long time a film without Santhanam scores well in humor portion, in fact Soori’s witty one liners are the catalyst for the film’s pace in the first half. Vijay Sethupathy, Inigo, Appukutty all deserves a applause and did their role with perfection and a special applause for director prabhakaran for giving equal scope to all the actors.

NR Ragunanthan’s music fits the bill perfectly this film will bring him more offers after his promising “Thenmerku Paruvakatru”, Cinematography by premkumar of Pasanga fame also did a stupendous job and gives us the raw feel in the climax and captured the beauty of rural areas of Madurai.Editor Don bosco’s editing would have been better if some cuts are made in first half.

Debutant Prabhakaran’s  narration in second half shows that he is from Sasikumar’s school, but he stand unique in the first half  by showing feel-good factors. The second half slowly shifts to serious path and the climax stunt sequence is laudable but one cannot stop imagining Subramaniapuram and Nadodigal in the climax, a special thanks for not ending the film on a negative note.

on the whole the film shows some traces of Nadodigal and Subramaniapuram in parts but this one should be appreciated for its message and the engaging screenplay through out the film.

Verdict: Another Madurai Winner with some traces of Nadodigal and Subramaniapuram.

Box office Verdict: Hit
Rating: 3.5 of 5