Amala Paul signs next film titled Aadai with Rathnakumar

Amala Paul signs new film Aadai Rathnakumar

Amala Paul signs her next film titled ‘Aadai’ with Rathnakumar

Actress Amala Paul has been significantly found involved in signing up projects that are female centric ones. Accordingly, she has now signed up for a new film titled ‘Aadai’, which is directed by Meyaadha Maan fame Rathnakumar. According to the sources, the actress was instantly impressed with the script that she had to drop couple of projects that she had already been committed. Usually, female centric films would be confined to the genres of Feminism and horror tales. In contrast, the makers assure that it would be completely set apart from these paradigms and turn to be a phenomenal one…

Of course, Meyaadha Maan had turned the spotlights for its engrossing treatment and narration by filmmaker Rathnakumar.

As of now, the actress has lots of projects lined up at different stages of production. This includes Vishnu Vishal’s Raatchasan and Malayalam movie Aadujeevitham.