Shalom studios, not many may recognize them but these guys are the chief architects of Mynaa and Saattai. Yes, they are the producers of two rustic good quality movies. After taking a year break Shalom studios are back with their new venture “Mosakutty”.

Mosakutty will be directed by M.Jeeva who had earlier directed small time movies like Mayilu and Gnabagangal. The cast includes newbie Aditya , Mahima of Saattai fame and also Sentrayen and few other veterans. Cinematography is by Sukumar while music is scored by Ramesh Vinayagam.

The story of Mosakutty circles around two friends who falls in love but are forced to separate because of family issues. This is a true based story which took place in a village near Chozhavandhan. What happens within and after forms the rest of the story.

Though what looks like an old wine in a new bottle, one cannot doubt the selection of Shalom. They have been good with proven hit like Mynaa and now they hope they can strike gold with Mosakutty too. Stay tuned to KollyBuzz for more updates on this project.