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STR’S angry open challenge to his offenders


STR’S angry open challenge to his offenders

During the time of Pongal releases – Petta and Viswasam, there were lots of issues and allegations claiming that tickets are sold at higher prices. In this accordance, actor STR had released his video requesting his fans not to do such things for any movies, especially for his movies. “Please don’t go for tickets at higher prices. Just watch movies at normal nominal prices in theatres. I am sure some of you will anoint my banners with milk and spend your money on banners and posters for my release ‘Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven’. Instead please use that money to gift something for your parents.” This was statement given before few days that instantly received both bouquets and brickbats. There were some ridiculing comments that claimed “First of all, he doesn’t have any fans. Why does he worry about it all? No one is going to do such honours in theatres for him.”

Apparently, in reaction to this, STR has released a new video requesting his fans “Please those little number of fans, please show your full spirit of mass and power for my release. Yes, don’t pour milk in packets, but in large drums and the banners must be gigantic than before for my upcoming release ‘Vandha Rajavathaan Varuven’.

The film is directed by Sundar C and is produced by Lyca Productions that is scheduled for February 1 release.

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