Maria Juliana's Dr. Anitha MBBS first look and Twitterati's reaction

Twitterati reacts to Dr Anitha MBBS first-look featuring Bigg Boss Julie

Maria Juliana aka Bigg Boss Julie became the overnight showstopper with media focus upon her protest during Jallikattu ordinance. This fame took her to the Bigg Boss reality TV show and then it was a phase that was loaded with violent turbulence for the missy. She received brickbats and bouquets for the drama that happened during her stay at house. After the show, she got into hosting of a TV show following which announcements on her movies like ‘Uthami’ stirred mixed response. But what has turned to be more sensational with the Twitteratis is the first look of her upcoming film ‘Dr Anitha MBBS’ that has paved way for both negative and positive response. But what turns out to be a major prominence is off resentments from them.

It is evident that the makers of this film have decided to travel piggyback prefixing ‘Jallikattu’ for Julie. Well, it is so much evident that millions of youngsters protesting for Jallikattu get eclipsed with such a tag to her name. On the other end, the life of Late Anitha, who wanted to become a doctor is so much deplorable and to make a film on this requires a bigger star value. Well, there is nothing wrong in Bigg Boss Julie being signed for a role. But this real life character inspiration cannot be offered to a person who isn’t actually at a greater status. This indeed gives a clear impression that makers want to encash this project on controversial grounds by bringing her into the project.

Such a film needs some well established production houses, which would have definitely got some bigger and commendable brands adhered to it.

These elements could have been probable reasons behind such reactions from Twitteratis.