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Kaatrin Mozhi Movie Review

Ever since Jyotika made her comeback through the movie ’36 Vayadhinile’, there has been a sense of some mixed reception though it didn’t affect the box office run. Yes, the hidden fact was that be it this film, Magalir Mattum or Bala’s Nachiyaar, it was predominantly a women-centric film, where the male characters would be seen as a dumb one or remain limited with miniscule character. Yes, Kaatrin Mozhi, which happens to be the remake of super hit Hindi film ‘Tumhari Sulu’ belongs to a similar paradigm, but comes with yet more escalated version, where we get to see a balance.

Obviously, Jyothika happens to be the major backbone of this film, where the entire film travels on her shoulder. But, the story gives equal importance to Vidaarth, where his insecurities over his wife’s new endeavor, his own pressures at the workspace and then, his reconciliation, where he transforms into his spouse’s pillar. This earnestly gives a substantial impact upon the film.

For those, who have watched the original version ‘Tumhari Sulu’, there could be certain comparisons. Yes, Vidya Balan had never attempted to look rejuvenated, shed down weight or appear with makeovers to look beautiful. She appeared so much realistic, which gave more emblazonment to the role. However, we find that Jyothika tries to be much more youthful, where the makeup looks little artificial in few places. But again, the intensity of the role eclipses such slightest minuses.

On the other hand, the initial scenes establishing the chemistry between husband and wife (singing songs, mimicking Saroja Devi, etc) look too odd. However, their chemistry gets a decorous touch by the penultimate episodes. Lakshmi Manchu looks befittingly perfect towards the role that she has essayed. No other actress than her would have done a perfect justice to the role. Others in the star-cast like Uma Padmanabhan, MS Bhaskar, and others have given their best adding to humor and emotions.

Nonetheless, certain things could have been avoided, which seems to be inserted majorly for the sake of commercial audiences. Say for instance, when the film is proceeding elite and decent, the cameo of Yogi Babu looks like a ridiculous inclusion. Of course, Radha Mohan is not someone, who compromises with commercial ingredients. Irrespective of what his movies have witnessed in the box office run, he has never settled up for such things. Seemingly, it looks like dialogue writer Pon Parthiban could have suggested such things including the usage of ‘Double Entendre’. It’s a huge disappointment as we never expected such a treatment from Radha Mohan, who happens to be rare among the rarest filmmakers to have refrained from such factors.

Background score by AH Kaashif is so mild, which indeed happens to be a decent enhancement of the visuals. The song ‘Poi Vaa Urave’ gets more embellishment with the picturing. The special cameo by STR is too short and yes, there’s some cuteness involved in the scene.

On the whole, Kaatrin Mozhi has a decent tale with a neat package of narration. Although the film is a remake, Radha Mohan has given his best efforts in treating the film in his own way.

Rating: 3.25/5