Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review, Vijay Antony, Nivetha Pethuraj, Ganesha

Thimiru Pudichavan Movie Review

Vijay Antony’s career graph took its way to the neat level, but suddenly it looks like the steeping down process is going imperfectly right. No offense! But Vijay Antony has literally started dashing down the hopes of his Universal audiences. He has been someone, who could easily prove that he is the safest bet in Tinsel Town right from his debut film ‘Naan’. Here in this film “Thimiru Pudichavan”, the actor is seen as a police officer, whose mission is to curb down a notorious criminal, who runs a network of criminal activities, which had made the cop’s own brother, a prey indeed.

Filmmaker Ganeshaa has conceptualized a good story, but when he terribly sinks down the task of narrating it properly. So much of ridiculous elements brim up the film, where we get to have a mixed bag of LOL and irked up experience. How could a multi-faceted personality like Vijay Antony take up a film, produce and act even without realizing what’s the flaw in it? Yes, no point looking up for logical quotients in a mindless commercial entertainer, but that’s only up to a certain extent. The first hour has some sequences, which are okay of its kind, but sooner in the post-intermission scenes, we are tested heavily with our patience.

One thing that Thimiru Pudichavan assures is that Vijay Antony has to pull up his socks or else it would be a terrible scenario. Although his upcoming films look slightly promising, this one turns out to be a regretful experience for the ones watching it. Yes, there are a few scenes that work out well, but then it’s unbearable to see some of the unbelievably illogical scenes. Especially, the promotion that comes in 120 seconds after an encounter is done through Walkie-Talkie leaves you for ROFL spell. Nivetha Pethuraj has worked a lot in delivering the best from her stores. Yes, the role might look slightly outlandish, especially for her dialogue deliveries, but then, she becomes so much unified with the role that we tend to accept it. Too many characters in the film and everyone wants to eclipse one another, thereby not even a single one appears to be substantial. Dheena is a huge disappointment to be seen as the main antagonist and he still behaves like henchmen in his erstwhile movies.

It looks like Vijay Antony is straining too much with multiple departments. Acting, producing, Music and Editing – Oops! Too much baggage for him to focus upon on and it’s better he gets relieved of it. This is purely because, in Thimiru Pudichavan, he isn’t able to focus upon any department properly.

As on whole, Thimiru Pudichavan doesn’t engage us anywhere and with its flimsy narration, we are kept restless constantly.

Verdict: Tests your patience to the core.

Rating: 2/5