Doll in Ratsasan will have a vital prominence – Vishnu Vishal

Doll in Ratsasan will have a vital prominence – Vishnu Vishal

Actor Vishnu Vishal’s acid test with ‘Ratsasan’ is getting intensely exciting. The visual promos and trailers have already pushed up the expectation bars. With the film hitting screen tomorrow worldwide (October 5), the actor has been vigorously promoting the film. Here are some of the excerpts from his interaction.

“I am acting in the role of a police officer who unintentionally joins in the police care! This is an altogether new experience for me! Until now, I had never got the opportunity to don the police officer uniform!’ This has been the primary reason for him to accept the offer in the film.

Regarding additional aspects of interest, he shares, ‘it will definitely be the unique approach of the director Ramkumar! None would have expected such a film on a large scale after his earlier film, ‘Mundasupatti’! When I heard the story narrated by the director, full of mystery and suspense, I was terribly impressed! I am confident that the director will be duly appreciated for his hard work in the film.’

The trailer and the advertisements have kindled the expectations of the public whether the film is in the genre of a thriller. Especially after seeing a grotesque doll shown, it is no wonder that such a thought occurs.

Vishnu further added, ‘this is in the genre of mystery, suspense-oriented psychological thriller! It is rue the doll shown in the advertisements has kindled the public interest. All that I can say for now is the doll in Ratsasan will have a vital prominence?”